The Travels



The most common question I get is how can I travel abroad so often. I think people hope to hear some miracle cure to life’s routine monotony, but honestly I simply prioritize. I’ve not had it easy. I have never been given money that I didn’t earn and I have had to do many things over the years that I didn’t enjoy, but the draw to explore was always greater than my temporary discomfort. I have my fingers in a lot of pies. Not all pay off, but they did get me here. I also have to acknowledge that my Australian passport has sometimes opened doors. It’s not a luxury everyone has, I know.

Australia is a pretty expensive place to live. I work hard in between “gap years” in order to fund this lifestyle. I take minimal breaks. I rarely drink. I don’t smoke. I seldom eat out. I save like a demon and I have become a master of budgeting. I travel light and rarely stay in hotels. If you do your research you can find a decent level of comfort for less and fresh company along the way can be found anywhere when you need it. It has very little to do with luck and everything to do with hard work and prioritizing. You have to let go of a lot of things and leave them behind. Be prepared, willing and flexible.

I’d love for you to leave comments and feedback. My life is not just all about being a writer, but also about the freedom of the road and travel opportunities that come my way, whether they be at home or abroad. When I am abroad more often than not I am working on the road (not just holidaying). My blog is all about the realities of the journey that I’m on and things that inspire me along the way. For whatever reason you choose to follow my story, I surely hope to keep you interested and not to disappoint. Don’t forget I have the blog, but I am also on Facebook and Instagram as well. Come find me.

My traveller’s map idea was featured on Travelettes.