The Traveller


Plane, bus, train, boat… your choice of vessel is not important. It all takes you somewhere new. Whatever you do in work, it soon becomes about the next escape. That’s me now. Four weeks in a working year cannot possibly cover all the things I want to see and do. I practically live like a hermit in between my adventures. All my hobbies other than travelling cost me very little. I write and I run. The only thing I collect are memories. Most of my things fit into a suitcase, or a few boxes left behind tucked away somewhere in a family member’s roof space. I donated the majority of my belongings, and sold the bigger items. I am better for it, and the load is so much lighter.

I work pretty hard in between “gap years” in order to fund this lifestyle. I take minimal breaks. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I rarely eat out. I save like a demon and I have become a master of budgeting. I travel light and rarely stay in hotels. If you do your research right you can find a decent level of comfort, and the company you find along the way for a solo traveller is nice more times than not. It all has very little to do with luck and everything to do with hard work and prioritizing. Be prepared and willing, but most importantly, pack your common sense.

If you’re interested in my adventures, whether it be about writing or travel, I will be using my blog as a base for updates including photography and travel tips. Feel free to follow it, or come back often. I’d love for you to leave comments and feedback. My life is not just all about being a writer, but also about the freedom of the road and travel opportunities that come my way, whether they be at home or abroad. My blog is all about the realities of the journey that I’m on. For whatever reason you choose to follow my story, I surely hope to keep you interested and not to disappoint.


My traveller’s map idea was featured on Travelettes.