New writings ahead…


Photography by Erika Kochanski.

Next week I leave Germany and continue on where my travels left off. I have been here for three months, and while I will return for Christmas, the world is calling and I must go. My feet are itching and opportunities await.

Over the next few months I will have much to explore, new people to encounter, old friends to hopefully meet with again, and ample time to focus on my writing. I have a new novel I have been working on and I am very excited to be able to take the beautiful story that is mapped out in my brain and let it flow through my fingers and take form. Much of the groundwork has already been written, and all the foundations in my head are solid, but it takes time and patience to turn an idea into something beautiful and that I should have in spades for the next little while.

The truth is I have two novels mapped out, but there is only one I have any interest putting my energy into. When I think of who I was when I wrote Polarity and Indecision and now look at myself as I am focusing on my next novel, I feel like I am looking at two different people. That is a good thing, and it will hopefully keep my writing interesting rather than repetitive.

So while it is goodbye Germany for now, it is also hello world and nothing has ever excited me more than jumping into the deep dark waters of the unknown. One cannot write big if one does not live big first.


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