The Author

Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, Erika studied her Bachelors in writing, literature and communications from Griffith University and is currently studying a Masters of Linguistics at the University of New England. Writing has been a lifelong passion, travel a greater purpose, and art a way of deep expression.

Her debut novel, Polarity and Indecision, is internationally available for purchase in both print and eBook. She is proud to be an accomplished author of Australian fiction, cover artist, and an avid traveller of this beautiful planet we all call home.

In 2015 Erika was the short story judge for the Blue Fringe Arts Festival and has extensively written in various formats across the globe for businesses, largely in the tourism and hospitality industries, but also for vegan, cruelty-free and environmental projects both within Australia and abroad.

“The universe is chaos, live bravely in the face of it.”