The Author


Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, Erika holds a Bachelor’s focused on writing, literature and communications from Griffith University. Writing has been a lifelong dream, travel an ever growing passion, and when given the option to live out of a suitcase in a foreign city while writing about the world the answer is always ‘Let’s go!’

Her debut novel, Polarity and Indecision, is available for purchase worldwide. She is proud to be an accomplished author of Australian fiction, cover artist, and an avid traveller of this beautiful planet we all call home.

In 2015 Erika was the short story judge for the Blue Fringe Arts Festival. 2016 will see Erika taking her TEFL/TESOL certifications on the road and working abroad teaching English in various countries throughout 2017 and beyond, while continuing work on her creative endeavors of course. The universe is chaos, live bravely in the face of it.